How to update your WordPress theme

Start by logging into  Themeforest with the account that you’ve used to purchase your RED SUN DESIGN theme.

Click Downloads and re-download the theme you’ve purchased. You will automatically get the newest version.

Go to Appearance > Themes . Activate any different theme, choose delete files for the old theme and then upload the new theme and activate it. If you attempt to upload a new version of a theme without deleting the old version first, the theme install will fail. Alternatively, you may  use a plugin, like for example Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades to automate backing up your current theme and uploading the new version.

Deleting the old theme may seem scary, but you  are not going to loose any of your content or theme settings (I promise). You will only lose the changes that you’ve made directly to the theme files. These changes will need to be made again to the new files.

Therefore, I recommend to not make any changes directly in the theme files. All RED SUN DESIGN themes include a “custom CSS” field in the Theme Options Panel where you can enter your  custom CSS code. The CSS code that you enter into this field will override any stylesheets, and you will not lose it when you update your theme.

For more in-depth modifications that require editing php files, child themes allow you to make changes without affecting the code in the original theme.