How to Disable Comments in WordPress

  • When you edit a Page or Post in WordPress, you can enable or disable comments within the Discussion meta box.
  • If you don’t see the Discussion meta box in your control panel, click the Screen Options dropdown at the top right of your screen and make sure “Discussion” is checked.
  • Alternatively you can click Posts > All Posts (or Pages > All Pages), click Quick Edit and check/uncheck “Allow Comments”.
    You can use the bulk edit feature to change many posts or pages at a time.

    1. Go to the Posts > All Posts screen in your blog dashboard.
    2. Select the posts you would like to modify or check the box next to Title column at the top to select all posts on that page.
    3. Select Edit from the Bulk Actions drop down menu.
    4. Click the Apply button.
    5. Change the options for Comments to Allow or Do not allow.
    6. Click the Update button.
    7. Repeat with your Pages.
  • If you want to disable all WordPress comments on all future articles by default, you can go to Settings > Discussion and deselect “Allow people to post comments on new articles”. This simply unchecks the “Allow Comments” checkbox in the Discusson meta box for all future posts and pages by default.
  • RED SUN themes additionally have an option to remove all comment sections from the entire theme. Go to in Theme Options > General > Remove Comments.